Monday, June 13, 2016

Barolo 1947

I guess this wouldn't be a wine blog without the occasional photo of a wine bottle.

A bottle of 1947 Damilano Barolo

This one is a Barolo Tenuta Canubio, from Dottore Giacomo Damilano, vintage 1947. It was purchased on eBay, which we have long been able to do here in the European Union (but only very recently in the North America).

It was, sadly, past its prime, but was still very drinkable. The wine was 69 years old, and seemed like an old-age pensioner, sitting on the verandah in the sun, thinking that it has had a good life, but is not as frisky as it once was.

The colour had mostly disappeared into the sediment, of which there was an inordinate amount. It was very acidic at first, but started to open up about 2 hours after opening.

Colour: pale amber. The wine cleared from the fine sediment with time.
Aroma: plum, wood, leather, cinnamon, prune, spice cake, vanilla, turpentine.
Flavour: honey, lemon, nut, apricot, bitter almond.
Finish: very short.

[Tasting notes by Susanne Stenlund.]

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